The Website is Alive Again!

With a nod to the UK, I’m happy to announce the republication of

After too long of a hiatus, I write to announce that the website is now active again. I’m excited about this, and I look forward to sharing new projects and big changes to come.

While the website has been around since 2016 and remains a resource, the last two years have been a challenge. The pandemic diminished my capacity, and like all of us, I had to make choices. Among the many of things I had on my plate, this website and my Internet presence fell to the bottom of the to-do list.

No longer!

In anticipation of some exciting new projects and the need to fight for American democracy, I am now returning to the blogosphere and reviving this website to make it a useful, functioning, interactive platform once again.

If you take a browse now, you’ll notice that I have updated it with my work from the last two years. This includes two new law review essays (which you can find on the Research tab), a number of the online programs I’ve participated in since the pandemic (available under Media Appearances), and the most recent Public Scholarship I have written on and around the issues American democracy has faced — especially in the aftermath of the 2020 election. And in the coming months, you can anticipate that I’ll blog about forthcoming projects, lectures, and stuff worth your read, including two book projects to which I am contributing–including the Seventh Edition of Bell’s Race Racism and American Law. Moreover, I’ll soon announce some big professional changes that I’m happy to share.

The bottom line is that is back! Stay tuned!

Author: Atiba Ellis

Law professor who writes on democracy, voting, and race. Expect blogs on voting and civil rights, racial justice, and the wholly random. Views are my own.

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